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本文摘要:David Carr, media columnist for The New York Times, today wrote a column titled “For Email Newsletters, A Death Greatly Exaggerated.”《纽约时报》( The New York Times)媒体专栏作家大卫o卡尔日前撰文《电邮通讯已杀的众说纷纭纯属夸大其词》。

David Carr, media columnist for The New York Times, today wrote a column titled “For Email Newsletters, A Death Greatly Exaggerated.”《纽约时报》( The New York Times)媒体专栏作家大卫o卡尔日前撰文《电邮通讯已杀的众说纷纭纯属夸大其词》。My first reaction was, “Thank goodness, since I’m paid to write an email newsletter.” My second reaction was, “Wait. Huh?”我看见这篇文章的第一反应是:“谢天谢地,我可是靠写出电邮通讯赚呢。


”我的第二反应则是:“等等。知道吗?”For the past twelve years, I’ve written a morning email newsletter focused on the venture capital and private equity industries. It began with a few dozen readers and now has over 50,000 (being completely rebuilt from scratch a few years back, after I changed employers). For most of those years it has been profitable, in that my salary is its only substantial expense. If email newsletters were on the precipice of the Great Beyond, no one bothered to tell me, my readers or my advertisers.过去十二年,我仍然在写出一份专门报导风险投资和投资基金股权行业的早间电邮通讯。

最初只有几十位读者,如今读者数早已多达50,000人(几年前我换回了雇员之后几乎从头做起的)。这么些年来,大部分时间都是盈利的,因为我的工资是它唯一一项大的开支。如果说电邮通讯慢悬挂了,那怎么没有人告诉他我、我的读者还有我的广告客户?Look, I get Carr’s point. Email isn’t as sexy as snaps, as trendy as tweets or as pretty as pins. In theory, it should have gone the way of Palm Pilots. But the reality is that email newsletters not only have persevered, but never were actually under threat. The fact that so many new ones are launching now only reflects widespread recognition of a model that has worked for more than a decade, rather than some sort of unexpected reclamation project.我明白卡尔的意思。电子邮件没快照性感,不如Twitter消息时髦,也没“吊图片”可爱。

理论上,它应当早已同Palm Pilots个人掌上电脑一样解散历史舞台。但事实上,电邮通讯不但没消失,而且根本没确实受到威胁。

现在有这么多新的电邮通讯产品发售,才是指出这种十多年来行之有效的模式受到了普遍接纳,而并不是什么出人意料之外的回潮。Today’s email newsletters provide the same value propositions as they did at the outset: Direct opt-in delivery into an essential communication channel, without artificial layout or length restrictions determined by a third party. It is a responsive technology, where producers can enable interaction with consumers — minus the trolling risks of a website comment section. Content can be curation, long-form prose or anything in between. Email also can provide exclusivity to a much greater extent than can social media channels. Finally, email newsletter analytics are, in many cases, as good as you can get anywhere else on the web.如今的电邮通讯在价值主张方面并没转变想法:读者必要自由选择重新加入,内容被发送到一个最重要的交流渠道,没人为的版式设计,也受第三方确认的长度容许。



Moreover, when exactly is it that email itself is supposed to have died? Remember that Groupon, a $4.5 billion company, was founded in late 2008 using email as its exclusive media. Or two years ago, when Google announced that there were 425 million active Gmail accounts (or, put another way, more than 6% of the world population). Obviously not today, when email newsletters as “on the march” (as Carr writes).此外,电子邮件本身何曾消失?2008年末,如今市值45亿美元的淘宝网站Groupon创立之时,可是将电子邮件作为它唯一的媒介。而两年前,谷歌(Google)宣告它旗下的电子邮件服务Gmail有4.25亿(相等于全世界人口的6%以上)活跃账户。如今,电邮更加不有可能消失,因为电邮通讯正在“发展壮大”(卡尔文中如是写到)呢。


Indeed, the death of email newsletters has been greatly exaggerated. In that there was no decline in the first place.显然,电邮通讯已杀的众说纷纭纯属滑稽。因为电邮通讯显然就还没踏上下坡路。



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